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Anderson, Perry, Lineages of the Absolute State, Verso, 1974.

Axelrod, Robert, The Evolution of Cooperation, Basic Books, 1984.

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Cowen, Tyler, How do economists think about rationality?

Cowen praises Lazear

Daly, Herman, and Cobb, John, For the Common Good, Beacon, 1989.

Daly, Herman, Steady-State Economics, Island Press, 1991.

Brad Delong

Douglas, Mary, How Institutions Think, Syracuse, 1986.

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Durlauf dismisses Mirowski

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General Glut

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Christopher Hayes on economics as ideology

Huizinga, Johan, Homo Ludens, Beacon, 1950.

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Ezra Klein on economics as ideology

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Lazear, Edward, Economic Imperialism.

Lux, Kenneth, Adam Smith's Mistake, Shambhala, 1990.

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Mirowski, Philip, Machine Dreams, Cambridge, 2002.

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Redman, Deborah, Economics and the Philosophy of Science, Oxford, 1993.

reisch, George, How the Cold war Transformed Philosophy of Science, Cambridge, 2005.

Robinson, Joan, Economic Heresies, Basic Books, 1973.

Robinson, Joan, What are the Questions?, Sharpe, 1980.

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Max Sawicky, Barkley Rosser, Tom Walker

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Sen, Amartya, Rationality and Freedom, Harvard, 2004.

Sennett, Richard, and Cobb, Jonathan, The Hidden Injuries of Class, Norton, 1972.

Therborn, Goran, Why Some Peoples are More Unemployed Than Others, Verso, 1986.

Mark Thoma

Tillman, Rick, Thorstein Veblen and His Critics, Princeton, 1992.

Wilber, Charles, and Jameson Kenneth, Beyond Reagonomics, Notre Dame, 1990.

Williams, Joan, Unbending Gender, Oxford, 2000.




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