It's Not the Jews!

Concerns have recently been expressed about a Communist takeover of the U. S. led by the Jew George Soros. This still could happen, but it's not the Jews we have to worry about. The Finnish entity is already spreading its tentacles worldwide (see below). If our grandchildren end up in a Scandinavian hell under the heel of the Finnish Occupation Government, they will have only us to blame.

Communist Finns attempted U.S. Takeover during 30's

"In the 1930s, 40 percent of the total membership of the American
communist party nationwide came from one small immigrant group - the

If you read the link you'll find that doubts were early expressed as to whether the
Finns are really white. We might still ask ourselves that question today.

Finnish "Blue Berets" ravage Kosovo, Bosnia, Namibia

"Heavily guarded by the Finnish KFOR troops, a reservist band consisting of 24 players gave ten concerts for the Finnish peace-keepers and local Serb and Albanian people in their villages. The refresher exercise took place in late July. Speaking  about bands, the first peacekeeper band in the world, the Band of the Finnish Blue Beret Association, gave its first concert at Summerdays in Kuopio at June."

Namibia: Finnish puppet State?

"President Ahtisaari's humanitarian work with the UN is world-renowned. He had a major influence in helping Namibia achieve independence. In fact, hundreds of Namibian children are named Ahtisaari in his honor."

Finnish: The Official Language of the One-World Communist State

"Is it now the time for Finnish to take its place as the international language?....

Why lose time and energy saying 'the committee that takes care of negotiations concerning the truce' when you can use a simple little word like 'aseleponeuvottelutoimikunta?'

The rules are absolute and reliable in all situations, except exceptions.... The basic idea is: In
Finnish the direct object (commonly called the accusative object) may occur in the nominative, the genitive, or the partitive case. In order to make things easier to understand, nominative and genitive are called accusative. There is also a real accusative, which is not called anything at all."

The First Step: Finnish Cultural Imperialism in Timor

"'Leikkaa tästä' (cut here), 'piirrä' (draw), 'tavataan taas' (see you later). Children in East Timor may soon surprise an unsuspecting Finnish traveller with short Finnish greetings and instructions, which they have picked up from their Finnish schoolbook, Opin Itse (I'm Learning)...."


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